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Love, Optimized: The Book

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Love, Optimized envisions the high-tech future of romance—with a dark, satiric twist. Love becomes a seamless consumer experience, thanks to personal drones, smart home surveillance, sensual GPS and neuro-dating.

In this volume, our expert guidance welcomes you into this intimate future. Get an early glimpse of the blueprints and documentation for our latest inventions, each targeting a common challenge of modern love. Participating couples enjoy only the rewards of romance, and none of its obstacles, having outsourced those to our laboratory. With each new obstacle, they need only obtain the appropriate product.

This experience is brought to you by Object Solutions, Ernesto D. Morales and Shelly Ronen. We wear the mask of a design consultancy to prescribe narratives of an optimized future. With a dose of dark humor, we dissect everyday challenges and propose technological solutions for each point of imperfection.

Beyond the book, the Love, Optimized experience includes exhibitions, invent-it-yourself workshops, corporatekeynotes, and private romantic consultations.

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A • The diligent NeurAlign orchestrates your romantic success while the two of you sleep soundly at the first date dinner table. With your brains comfortably entangled in its electrode network, the NeurAlign sends evocative nerve impulses between you to determine your romantic potential. The experience calibrates your nervous systems to amplify your points of greatest harmony at a fraction of the standard time.

B • The TouchTrainer is a navigation system for your hands across the terrain of your lover’s body, where the journey is just as critical as the destination. The built-in Corporal Positioning System (CPS) provides reliable directions, routing hands to locations pre-requested by each lover. Both participants now know precisely where their partners prefer to be touched—and how.

C • The Ring Finger Spotlight is a micro-drone with a mission: to illuminate and document the ring on your finger at all times—or, as circumstance will dictate, its absence. The device is a satellite accessory, hovering over your hand while you complete scheduled activities. Its everlasting ray of light bestows cinematic brilliance upon your finger, while adapting to the many lighting scenarios of your eclectic life.

D • With the Intimatum (Intimate Utility Meter) your smart home becomes a stakeholder in your ongoing romance. The system administers your home services—from high-speed internet to basic drinking water—granting their access based on your intimacy frequency with your partner. Abundance of intimacy brings continuous utilities. Absence risks gradual shutdown.

See the full project • Love, Optimized